Oil And Gas Industry

Considered being the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value, the oil and gas sector is a global powerhouse using hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide and generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year. In regions which house the major NOCs, these oil and gas companies are so vital they often contribute a significant amount towards national GDP.

Construction Industry

The construction sector is indulged in designing, building, constructing and maintaining the infrastructure. The construction industry can be sub-divided into three categories such as heavy construction, general construction, and specialized construction. Heavy construction includes the construction of bridges and roads etc. General construction includes the building of residential places and commercial real estate. Specialized construction includes making electric and wood things required to construct a building.

Health Care Industry

Health care industry provides remedial, diagnostic, curative, preventive, rehabilitative, therapeutic services to patients and to people in their old age. The main goal of this industry is to revive and maintain the health of peoples. It is one of the fastest growing industry. This type of business industry has great potential for investors and entrepreneurs.  Every country’s government spends a handsome amount of money to this sector.

Education Industry

Education industry or education system is a group of school, colleges, universities, institutes to provide learning, knowledge, skills, and a degree in various fields. Educational institutes can broadly be divided into two categories public and private. Public institutes are funded by government whereas private institutes run by a single person or by a group of people.

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is one of the highest technology industries. The aviation industry deals with manufacturing aircraft which take flights within and beyond the earth’s atmospheric area. The process of manufacturing consists of various parts such as designing, building, testing, selling and maintaining. An aviation company also produces aircraft’s parts to maintain the existing aircraft.

Banking And Finance Industry

Banking and Finance explores the dynamic, fast-paced world of money, shares, credit and investments.  Finance is an essential part of our economy as it provides the liquidity in terms of money or assets required for individuals and businesses to invest for the future. Financial markets are very important and understanding the pricing of assets and derivative securities is vital.

Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is vast types of business industries. It provides uncountable services to customers, so this industry is highly customer- oriented industry. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of this industry.  This industry is exceptional, because the hospitality industry solely survives on “the want” of people, not need like health care industry.

Energy Industry

These types of business industries are important because of their wide applications in various sectors. Energy industry can be sub-divided into two categories renewable energy industry and non- renewable business industry. One important source of the renewable energy industry is petroleum. There are different operations take places such as extraction, refining, manufacturing, and sales. Other than that, there is coal energy industry, nuclear power industry electric power industry.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is the process of converting raw material and components into the final product to sell in the marketplace for public consumption. Manufacture industry has many categories, for example, food industry, petroleum industry, paper industry, wood industry, leather industry, textile mill industry, apparel industry, transportation equipment industry, electrical equipment industry etc.

Transport Industry

The transport industry is one of the largest types of business industries. This industry deals with the movement of humans, things and animals by various modes of transportation. The main modes of transportation are air, land (Road and Rail) and water. The transportation industry makes the largest part of any country’s economy.

IT Industry

The computer industry has boomed drastically in the 21st century. Computer Industry has taken over almost every other industry. Computer industry or also known as Information Technology (IT) Industry. It includes businesses of computer hardware, developing and maintaining computer software and computer networking. One major area which has been growing proliferatively is service sector.

Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication industry consists of companies which makes communication possible worldwide through mobile phones, internet, cable or wirelessly. It allows people to communicate using words, audio or video from any part of the world to any part of the world. Smartphones can send information thousands of miles away within seconds. The leading companies in the telecommunication industry are satellite companies, internet service providers, wireless operator. Wireless internet has helped other industries to generate great revenue.

Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is one of the oldest types of business industry. Agriculture industry consists of cultivating land, plants and breeding animals to produce foods and other survival things. This industry is an integral part of every country’s economy. The modernization in the agriculture industry took place in the late 20th century, which is known as “Green Revolution”

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical company is a licensed firm to research, discover, develop, market and sell the drugs. It is an important industry worldwide. It is clearly research and development (R&D) based industry. Constant research is an important aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. These companies research and produce drugs to cure diseases of humans and animals. There are some drugs that also treat symptoms.

Food Industry

Food Industry comprises processing, preservation, conversion, and preservation of eatable items. The raw material for the food industry is obtained from the agriculture industry. Therefore, the food industry is dependent on the agriculture industry. After processing food various chemicals and color are added to food items to preserve them for a long time with maintaining their taste. The food industry has grown exponentially in the past decade because in the fast-paced life people demand “ready – to – go” food.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is one of the huge industries. This is the type of industry that produces electronics devices for commercial as well as domestic use, for example, smartphones, switches, circuit board, refrigerators, washing machines, and other AI-based goods. Electronic companies produce, market and sell electronic units. Global electronic industry has observed growth by average 5% from the year 2020 to 2021