Recruitment Process Outsourcing

RPO is one of the fastest growing outsourced talent acquisition solutions in today’s market. Cost, access to global talent, quality of hires, workforce efficiency and management support are all drivers attracting a range of employers with different needs.

Why Paragon

Paragon offers innovative custom-made staffing solutions offering sustainable streamlining of your staffing requirements. We apply our know-how either by cooperating with our customers onsite, or remotely, depending on the specific scope and thus align ourselves within your budget for such a service.


Industry Specific

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience to provide the best solutions in Global Talent acquisition. Paragon has established itself as an expert in the Oil & Gas. Construction, Hospitality, Health care, IT, ICT, Media, Finance, Engineering, Marine Logistics and Automotive industry sectors.


Will fit into your organization as a team member

We can step into your existing corporate structure and implement our processes in alignment with your needs. It may only be necessary in part of the organization or handled as a total RPO solution to be offered throughout your business.


Committed team, assured results, and reduced costs

Our dedicated account management teams work closely with you to develop an in-depth understanding of your business. Paragon's partnership approach focuses on increasing efficiency by taking away the compliance and legal burdens, offering due diligence and RPO solutions to significantly reduce costs and assured results.


Zero Iterations

Our business solutions have rendered us long lasting relationships with key industry players because of the excellent quality of service provided, facilitated in the most hassle-free manner involving minimal errors & iterations. A workflow characterized by zero iterations results in improving the efficiency of businesses and increase profits.