HR Consultancy

Over the past years Paragon’s Integrated HR Solutions has grown to become a leader in providing the broadest range of HR solutions for Large, small and mid-size companies in Qatar. Our goal is to provide flexible HR management solutions that help organizations achieve a competitive advantage from their workforce.

Why Paragon

We pride ourselves on our “team based” approach and offer practical solutions to our clients’ specific and unique human resource and business challenges. We will work with you to develop customized service solutions and HR plans that fit your business. We have a proven track record of optimizing attraction, retention, motivation, engagement process and minimizing employment and legislative risk.


Experience – Expertise - Excellence

Our HR consultants are adept in IT, accounting, sales, marketing, finance and, of course, human resource management in order to fully understand various issues and inefficiencies in organisations and find ways to remedy them. Paragon’s HR consultants are highly educated and experienced HR specialists, along with their professionalism, they possess a deeper understanding of everything from organizational management, labour laws to equal opportunity employment and beyond, to facilitate efficient work place environments.


Advisory, Policies & Procedures

Our experienced consultants will advise organizations on the administration of human resources policies and procedures and will design and develop bespoke solutions that suits your business. By providing dedicated consultants we will serve as internal advisors by analysing your organization’s HR programs and will provide fitting solutions in harmony with your business, Apart from developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures, our team will help you in manpower planning, budgeting, salary surveys, writing job descriptions etc. Our team ensures that HR programs and services follow established norms and federal laws and regulations.


Be-spoke services

Paragon will help you in preparing and maintaining reports related to specific HR projects. These include assistance in the development and coordination of recommended changes regarding workflow. Our experts will develop methods for compiling, analysing data for reports and special projects and will conduct audits of HR activities to ensure compliance. The be-spoke services provided have significant potential to boost your business with improvement in operations.


Zero Iterations

Our business solutions have rendered us long lasting relationships with key industry players because of the excellent quality of service provided, facilitated in the most hassle-free manner involving minimal errors & iterations. A workflow characterized by zero iterations results in improving the efficiency of businesses and increase profits.