Contract Staffing

Contract staffing as goes literally by the name, is the process of hiring talent for fixated tenure or specific project-based requirements. Our extensive data base and global network enable us to provide the required employee numbers, ensuring quality, accuracy of job description, manages the paperwork and takes charge of paying the workforce. We have designed this solution aimed to provide completion of a specific task or project that is limited in terms of time or frequency.

Why Paragon

Paragon has one of the largest pool of contract-based resources for the widest range of industries. Its technology enabled screening process ensures fast delivery of individual, small sized and bulk resources for any amount of period. Switch to paragon and experience exponential growth in benefits for your business.


End-To-End Management

Our contract staffing systems provide holistic solutions to all contract resource requirements. We take charge of finding, hiring, managing & every other aspect of contract staffing, providing you with ample room to focus on other priorities. The end-to-end management of contract resources has been made efficient and seamless in operation.


Hassle – free workforce management

From hiring to retirement, Paragon manages all employee related processes. Services include but are not limited to, visa, flight tickets, relocation, accommodation, food, vacation, healthcare, payroll, end of service benefits & repatriation. Paragon's turnkey staffing solutions facilitate all these requirements without any hazzle to our clients. While you take care of your business, we take care of your employees.


Faster Hiring Time

To adapt to the dynamic and fast-paced business environment, we ensure ready to deploy resources in any size catering to your business requirements. Any resource, whether local or international, is delivered at your site at the specified time. Hiring time periods are significantly reduced in this manner, thereby bringing efficiency to your businesses.


Significant Cost Savings

As compared to traditional temporary staffing, our contract staffing service results in significant cost reduction, both in direct and indirect expenses on hiring, filtering and manging activities related to the resources at any geographic location in the globe.



Equipped with the largest updated talent pool database, we open scope to customized packages which can cater to the flexible needs and requirements of any business task. Whether you need 10 resources for 6 months or 100 for a year, we are the one-stop solution to approach.